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Learn, work and travel.

We train young entrepreneurs for a career in direct sales, marketing and customer service. Our agents travel all over the US while learning business skills necessary for success.

This is your BIG opportunity.

Rockstar Subscription Agency is on the lookout for committed, energetic people to help add onto sales crews currently clearing their orders through our organization.

Even if you are new to the field, we will teach you to be a top performer with our focused training programs. If your ready for a new career, contact us and let us know!

Learn on the road

Learn Hands On

No keeping you cooped up in a stale classroom. You'll receive the best hands on training the direct sales industry has to offer!
Route 66

Travel the Country

We travel all over the United States taking in new sites and sounds. This is more than a job, its an adventure!
Exotic Vegas Resort


You'll be rewarded handsomely for your hard work and have a chance to go on a chaperoned get-away to an exotic destination. Read More...

We reward our agents

You'll be rewarded $1,000 for every 20,000 points accumulated throughout the year threw our communications contest.


Cash isn't the only way we reward our agents.

Agents have the opportunity to win a chaperoned trip to a destination of their choice. Some of our agents choose well known national cities famous for their entertainment while others choose truly exotic destinations with palm trees and white sand beaches.