About Us

We are a team

We are an independent magazine subscription agency.

Being serviced through a national magazine clearing house carrying over 1400 magazines and 500 books, our catalog covers a variety of subjects including men's and woman's health, fitness, fashion, entertainment, gaming and children's interests.

We proudly do our sales the old fashion way, door to door and face to face.

Not only do our customers appreciate a smile and a firm handshake, our agents gain real life experience in direct sales.

We are dedicated to the success of our agents.

Our company works with young adults from all walks of life to become successful independent contractors. Our purpose is to develop young people, usually aged 18 to 24, wishing to enter the productive work force.

We provide an adventurous traveling life style while teaching practical work skills and sales experience. The young people chosen for this opportunity must be goal oriented and willing to go the extra mile.